Woman learned of her own death from her employer

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(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of the American city of Fayetteville, North Carolina, was mistakenly recognized as dead and deprived of insurance and benefits.

In March, Angela Faircloth received a letter from her employer. In it, she was surprised to find condolences on her own death.

The letter also mentioned that the company learned of her death from the Social Security Service.

“I was in shock. Don’t they even need a death certificate?” the woman says.

According to Faircloth’s fiancé, after that, all social payments stopped.

“She didn’t get the money and called the bank,” he says. “There, she was told that Social Security had frozen her accounts, and she lost everything: insurance, all benefits and access to a credit account.”

The couple contacted Social Security but couldn’t get an appointment for a month. In the end, they decided they couldn’t wait that long and reported their problem to ABC 11.

The publicity forced Social Security to issue a statement. On the same day, Faircloth received a call back and was invited to the organization’s office to correct the mistake.


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