Woman fired from her job because she coughed on supermarket customers

(ORDO NEWS) — In the city of Lincoln, which is located in the US, in the state of Nebraska, one of the visitors to the local supermarket began to cough at other customers. This was the woman’s reaction to the request to wear a mask.

A video with this incident was posted on the social network twitter and very quickly gathered a huge number of views. After such an act, the American was fired from her job. This is reported by Insider.

A video on the Internet, where a woman is trying to prove that she is not infected, but simply suffers from allergies, has collected many comments. After watching, users began to actively express their indignation.

When customers in the supermarket asked the American woman not to get too close to them, she began to cough even harder in response, and at the same time laughed that they were afraid of her. In addition, the woman called all those who comply with the conditions of quarantine and wear masks “sheep”.

The journalists managed to find out that the inappropriate visitor to the local supermarket in Lincoln works in one of the German companies SAP, which is located in Arizona. They immediately turned to her employers and asked for comment on the American woman’s behavior.

Representatives of the company, in turn, replied that they took this incident very seriously, which happened to their employee. After some time, information was published that the woman was fired for her inadequate act.


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