Woman did not clean her own house for 20 years, but it remained clean

(ORDO NEWS) — Think a house that hasn’t been cleaned in over 20 years is like a dump? Not at all. It was very clean and tidy there. And all thanks to a well-thought-out secret.

Frances Gabe, an American, died in 2016 at the age of 101. However, she became famous not because she lived to such a venerable age.

The fact is that Frances has not cleaned her house in Oregon for more than 20 years, but all the rooms were absolutely clean, without signs of dirt and dust!

woman did not clean her own house for 20 years but it remained clean 2

Did Francis have a secret? Yes, there was. She was the creator and owner of the only “self-cleaning” house in the world.

It all started many years ago, when, after a divorce from her husband, Francis was forced to take care of two children, and they categorically did not want to help her with the housework.

And, since the woman also had her own business, there was no time left for cleaning. In 1979, Francis designed a model of the house, the idea of ​​which she had been hatching for quite a long time, about 5 years. As a result, the house turned into a kind of giant dishwasher.

The automatic cleaning system washes all surfaces, including walls and ceilings. She simultaneously washed clothes, washed dishes in the kitchen and even a doghouse with a dog. Before pressing the start button, the hostess had to do only one thing: put on a raincoat and open an umbrella.

woman did not clean her own house for 20 years but it remained clean 3

All the floors in the house were sloping, and every room had a drain through which all the water was drained to the street.

A system of nozzles was located on the ceiling: at first they sprayed a soapy solution, then ordinary water was turned on, and at the end the air supply system worked. After the house was washed, the system dried all the rooms. It’s hard to believe, but the whole process, washing, “rinsing” and drying lasted about an hour.

Of course, such an invention had its drawbacks. For example, Frances’ house never had carpets or curtains. they collected too much dust and soaked up too much water.

And besides, over time, she had to replace wooden furniture with plastic. And there were some inconveniences with washing: Francis had to hang clothes on clotheslines so that the system could “wash” them.

woman did not clean her own house for 20 years but it remained clean 4

Nevertheless, in the 80s, Frances was a frequent guest on various television shows, and her house was a local tourist attraction.

She herself often repeated that her brilliant idea could greatly facilitate the lives of people with disabilities, and also help large families, because. allow parents to spend more time interacting with their children, rather than endlessly cleaning up.

In 2001, a strong earthquake damaged the main structure of the house, and since then, the “irrigation” system has worked only in the kitchen. After some time, Francis’s relatives placed her in a nursing home, where she spent her last years, outliving her two husbands and children.

Of course, it seems unlikely that such houses will be part of our future, but you will agree that it is a very tempting idea to not clean for 20 years and still live clean and tidy.


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