Woman decided to clean the oven and was left with a hole in her cheek

(ORDO NEWS) — Maura Prendergast, 45, from County Mayo, Ireland, decided to clean her oven and was left with a hole in her cheek. It is reported by The Mirror.

The woman applied the cleaning agent to the iron grates from the oven and left them overnight, planning to finish cleaning in the morning. The next day, when she opened the package with the product, a drop of liquid fell on her cheek.

Prendergast did not immediately realize what had happened until she felt an itch. She wiped her face with a towel and continued to clean the oven, unaware that she had received a severe burn.

“Then my daughter came home and said, ‘Oh my God, Mom, your face is all black,’” she recalls.

Prendergast ran to the bathroom and washed herself several times with water, after which she called an ambulance.

The doctors referred her to the plastic surgery department and performed emergency surgery, removing some of the skin to prevent the burn from spreading further, leaving the patient with a hole in her cheek.

Over the next three and a half years, the woman underwent 10 plastic surgeries, many of which were unsuccessful.

After one of the procedures, a vacuum bag was attached to her face to drain the wound, with which Prendergast had to undergo two and a half months.

“At that time, I just didn’t leave the house. I didn’t want people to stare at me. I constantly felt ugly,” she says.

After many painful operations, the woman began to recover. She decided to get a five-star tattoo next to the scar, and, according to her, since then people have stopped noticing the effects of the burn.

“I feel like I am finally happy. I’m engaged to a man I’ve known all my life, I have six beautiful children, my mom and dad are fine, I work at a great hotel and I have great friends,” she says.


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