Woman claims that she has been pregnant for four years

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The American believes that for the past four years a new life has been developing in her womb. Because of the belief in this, the woman was left almost without friends, because they consider her crazy.

40-year-old Sarah Holiday is convinced that she is pregnant. If you pay attention to her belly, you might think that a woman is 7 months pregnant. But the problem is that Sarah has been walking with such a stomach for almost four years and at the same time she believes that she is just bearing a child for a long time.

Sarah lives in Fort Collins. Her pregnancy was confirmed in the middle of the summer of 2016. Until about September, her pregnancy developed normally and her stomach gradually increased in size. But when she visited a doctor in the fall, he did not find during the examination of the heartbeat and thought that the child was dead. When Sarah began to visit other specialists, they did not even find an embryo in her uterus and began to suspect that the pregnancy was not real.

The woman almost reconciled with the fact that her pregnancy was false, but after a while she and her husband noticed that the stomach continued to increase in size. But when the date of birth came, Sarah did not give birth to anyone. This did not happen after 2, and after 4 years. In 2018, Sarah went to an ultrasound scan to make sure that she was really pregnant.

The presence of the embryo was clearly visible in the image. At the end of winter 2020, Sarah underwent another ultrasound, which again showed that there was something like an embryo in her uterus. Throughout this time, a woman has no menstruation, which is another sign of a real pregnancy.

“I am sure that I have a“ mysterious pregnancy ”when a child develops too slowly. At the same time, doctors convince that this is a false pregnancy, but I have absolutely all the signs to state the opposite. ”

When Sarah’s husband saw an ultrasound scan, he also believed that his wife was expecting a baby, albeit for too long. At the same time, almost all friends turned away from the woman because of her faith.


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