Woman called a two-month-old coma the best period in her life

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(ORDO NEWS) — 81-year-old Irene Vamplu from the UK spent two months in a coma and called it the best moment of her life. It is reported by The Mirror.

The Briton fell into a coma in 2016 after suffering a stroke. She claims to remember a feeling of complete calmness.

“It was just darkness and silence, I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t see anything, but the peace that has remained with me since then was absolutely amazing.

There was nothing terrible in the darkness and silence, only peace and tranquility,” Vamplu says.

The woman believes that a two-month coma saved her from cancer. During post-stroke examinations, doctors discovered a tumor in her lung. The formation turned out to be benign, and it was successfully removed.

Wumplu claims that now every day he wakes up and falls asleep with harmony inside.

“The main thing is not to obsess over something, just go with it, enjoy it and let it be.

I’m not sure that you can get such peace in deep meditation, I can’t explain it – it just is, ”the woman says.


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