Woman burned alive due to moisturizer

(ORDO NEWS) — The whole world today was shocked by the tragic story, the victim of which was a resident of Britain. She literally burned to death. And the reason for this was the usual moisturizer, which almost everyone uses.

This seemingly completely harmless jar or tube can be found in almost anyone. With cracks, too dry or, conversely, oily skin, a classic moisturizer is a panacea for such problems. But as it turned out, this wonderful tool can turn a person into a living torch.

It was such a blazing torch that blinded the neighbors of an ordinary Londoner. Yvonne Webb put some cream on her hands, as she had done thousands of times, and then decided to light a candle from the gas burner. For which she paid with her life. And not only her.

“My mom uses the exact same paraffin cream. Her hands instantly caught fire, and then her face, body. She was told that after it one should not light matches right away, but she apparently forgot, ”said the daughter of the deceased Deborah Farmer.

It burned down in a matter of seconds. In the case of Yvonne Webb, everything happened just as quickly. Screaming deeply, she ran out into the street, the neighbors tried to help her, but did not have time.

“This is problem. Maybe not so often leading to deaths, but there are a lot of injuries, burns after such incidents. Then they come to us for treatment, “said Tracy Wadsworth, a resident of Great Britain.

The whole danger, according to experts, lies in the composition of moisturizers. In addition to vitamins and flavorings, most of them contain paraffin, petroleum and natural oils, just what is flammable. And not all manufacturers report this in the instructions on the packaging.

Exactly the same combustible components are included in lotions, tonics, balms and many other products that are used by millions around the world. And even traces of decorative and medical cosmetics, if used carelessly, remain on clothes or furniture, which can also catch fire easily. Firefighters and medics are already tired of warning about danger.

“Moisturizer is an obvious threat to our lives. Not because it is harmful in itself. But it is important to remember dozens of other factors – in any case, do not approach the fire, do not touch lighters, matches and stay away from gas stoves, ”explained the pharmacist Ebrahim Khodadadi.

However, these calls are either not heard or simply ignored. In Britain alone, nearly two dozen people have already died in wildfires caused by flammable skin products.


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