Woman ate shellfish and was left paralyzed

(ORDO NEWS) — On a beach in New Zealand, a woman found edible shellfish, ate them and was left completely paralyzed. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

Kim Taiya said that she collected edible clams of the species Paphies australis, which the locals call pip. After she ate them, the woman felt as if she had been given an anesthetic injection – first Taya felt her lips tingle, and then she became dizzy.

“I could not understand what was happening: I was dizzy, had tunnel vision.

Then I began to lose sensation in my arms and hands, ”the woman recalled.

Seeing that the mother’s condition was deteriorating, the son called the rescue service. Then, deciding that there was no time to wait for rescuers, he took his mother to the city on his own.

On the way, they spotted an ambulance and consulted paramedics. They took Taya to the hospital, where they did not find anything suspicious on her and let her go home.

Returning, the woman went to bed. In the morning she woke up and realized that she could not move. She was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors again could not determine what provoked the patient’s condition.

“My breathing slowed down and I thought I was going to die.

I couldn’t breathe and panicked over the lack of a diagnosis,” Taya said.

The doctors understood the reason for the patient’s ailment after the orderly asked her if she wanted something to eat. Then the woman’s relatives said that the night before she had eaten pipi clams.

This information helped doctors make a diagnosis. As it turned out, Taya was poisoned by paralytic poison, which is secreted by mollusks. She was given treatment and within a week she made a full recovery.


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