Woman after clinical death spoke about the afterlife

(ORDO NEWS) — In a car accident, a woman named Helene was taken to the hospital unconscious. She survived cardiac arrest, managed to visit another world.

According to Helen, during her clinical death, she felt like one single atom in a complete void. There was darkness all around, nothing could be heard or seen. The woman did not understand anything: where she was, whether she was alive or dead.

Experts do not presume to claim that life continues after death. However, they note that this belief has a positive effect on mental health. A person more easily perceives death, since he believes that he is leaving for a better world. In addition, positive thinking helps to fight diseases, and the chances of remission are increased.

If we talk about research, it was found that the brain is responsible for vision during clinical death, the activity of which does not decrease. On the contrary, when the risk of retirement to another world is maximal, the brain begins to work harder.


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