Woman after clinical death ceased to be an atheist

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Like many people in China, Xue Mei was convinced that there were no Higher Forces. The woman followed the ideas of Marxism and each time reminded of it. All one unpleasant case has changed – clinical death.

A resident of China suffered from a chronic cough. During the next procedures (administering the medicine intravenously), she heard a noise from the train and lost consciousness.

After a moment, the woman was in a strange tunnel. Xue Mei flew over him with fear. The woman screamed and wanted to come back, but she was not able to stop. No one heard screams and requests for help.

Very soon, the Chinese woman realized that her soul was separated from the body. There was no pain and discomfort, but there was a feeling of weightlessness. Suddenly, strange creatures arose that telepathically calmed Xue and showed compassion.

When the tunnel ended, an incredibly clean, warm and bright world appeared. Harmony and peace reigned in him. A woman observed the molecules of various objects in which other worlds were located.

On the website of the Foundation for the Study of Death Problems, Xue Mei also wrote that she saw absolutely everything that happened to her physical body: how the phone rang and the doctor commanded the assistants.

The woman had a small child, so she was obliged to return to the world of the living. Her soul finally entered the body, her head abruptly began to spin, vomiting appeared.

The Chinese woman is grateful to fate for such an experience: now she knows for sure that there is another world where there is no place for feelings, worries and pains. The woman is now less afraid of death, her understanding of the world has changed significantly.


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