Wisdom from Albert Einstein about fools and geniuses says a lot about modern people

(ORDO NEWS) — Albert Einstein became famous not only for his fundamental scientific work in the field of physics, but also for his outstanding worldly wisdom. Einstein’s quote about chaos and order confirms this once again.

Einstein’s quote about chaos and order is perhaps the best example of the great scientist’s erudition, captivating with its simplicity and wit.

Einstein’s wise quotes confirm his genius for those who find it difficult to understand his work. In the view of a wide audience, a real genius, often a very eccentric person who loves eccentricities and is different from other people.

If we confine ourselves only to the world of science, then it is enough to recall our compatriot Grigory Perelman, an outstanding mathematician who proved the Poincaré hypothesis, who refused the prize and leads the life of a recluse.

But perhaps Einstein was one of the first scientists whose humanity and lack of barriers in communicating with the non-academic community won the hearts of millions.

Anyone who wants to see the results of his work immediately should become a shoemaker.

It is unlikely that any of the people are able to scold their work in public, but the great Albert is not one of them!

Such a somewhat self-critical quote by Einstein about chaos and order in the life of a scientist, when it is quite possible that the work of a lifetime can go down the drain – allows you to understand not only the attitude of a physicist to his work, but is also a universal answer for most critics.

Wisdom from Albert Einstein about fools and geniuses says a lot about modern people 2
In addition to the quote about order, Einstein entered pop culture with his sense of humor and wit, so much so that the very name of the great physicist has become a household name in the designation of extremely erudite people

Only two things are infinite – the universe and human stupidity, although I’m not sure about the universe.

Of course, Einstein’s quote about order is somewhat similar in nature and wit to this one. However, few people know that the real value is the communication of a physicist with his children.

So, to his ten-year-old son, when he asked his father why he was so famous, the scientist answered as follows:

When a blind bug crawls over the surface of a ball, it does not notice that the path it is making is curved. I managed to notice it.

Pay attention – no formulas and other scientific zaum! Understanding the audience, the moment, along with the image of a great physicist towering over chaos and order – such a quote from Einstein first of all speaks of him as an intelligent person, not in terms of science, but in simple everyday situations.

Of course, in addition to his scientific discoveries, Einstein left quotes about order, people and the world around us. An extraordinary person who managed to win the hearts of millions, because his own was always open.

We tried as capaciously as possible, through the statements of the scientist himself, to reveal him as a person. Armed with this knowledge, try to guess how the following quote from Albert Einstein sounds right.


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