Will there be a collision of the Earth with the asteroid Apophis in 2029

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have warned that in 2029 a potentially dangerous asteroid called Apophis will fly by at a minimum distance from our planet. Also, scientists told what will happen to the Earth if a collision occurs.

This cosmic body is enormous. Orbital parameters are 111.6×164.3 million kilometers. This indicates that this asteroid often crosses the orbit of our planet. Experts are worried that one of such flights of a space body could end in a real catastrophe.

The asteroid was first recorded back in 2004. It was then that bad rumors began to circulate about him and the main thing was that the object could one day crash into the Earth.

Nevertheless, scientists were able to make sure that during the closest approach, which will occur in 2029, a collision will not occur. In addition, experts added that in the next century, you can not worry about the asteroid.

Literally in 8 years, Apophis will cross the Earth’s orbit and at the same time will be very close to us. The distance will be only 31 thousand kilometers. It is worth noting that even geostationary satellites are much further away. The asteroid will be perfectly visible from the ground and for this you will not have to use special equipment.

Astronomers are very interested in this object. Very rarely, cosmic bodies of such a large size pass by our planet at such a distance. In 2029, specialists will be given the opportunity to study the asteroid in more detail and obtain new information.

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