Will the secret of the coronavirus be revealed soon?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Is the coronavirus a biological weapon created in a laboratory through genetic manipulation? The author ponders reports that the virus may be the product of joint research between China and the United States, funded by Washington since 2014. He believes that the truth about what happened in China can be found out.

16 months after the outbreak of the pandemic, we are again trying to answer the questions that tormented us at the very beginning. What is the origin of the coronavirus – natural or artificial? Cause for doubt has emerged recently, with scientific evidence pointing to the likelihood of such a virus being created in laboratories.

Perhaps the latest reports circulating in the UK and US media are creating an opportunity for a new reading of the catastrophe that has befallen humanity. We are talking, for example, about American research centers such as the Policy Perspectives Foundation.

According to a number of publications, the coronavirus may be a combination of a bat virus and HIV infection and is the product of joint research between China and the United States, funded by Washington since 2014.

This version was already heard at the beginning of the crisis, and many did not pay attention to it, but the recent success of the Swiss virologist Volker Thiel from the University of Bern in creating a DNA copy of the coronavirus in laboratories with a high level of security makes us more trust in the idea of ​​a virus leak from China. According to the international scientific journal Nature, experts in the field of veterinary virology and bacteriology were able to create copies of DNA fragments of the coronavirus and use them to observe how the virus enters the cells of the body.

Are we dealing with a virus that is actually a biological weapon created in a laboratory through genetic manipulation?

Today, scientific evidence of the unnatural origin of covid-19 is slowly emerging. Already several universities around the world have put forward a hypothesis about the creation of a virus in the laboratory by extracting a number of nucleotides from one sequence and implanting them into another. Was this information the reason that the United States and Great Britain once again decided to study the origin of the deadly virus?

Last Wednesday, US President Joseph Biden instructed the American intelligence community (we are talking about about 16 well-known American intelligence services, not to mention secret departments) to investigate and figure out the origin of the coronavirus in 90 days.

Biden had reason to do so. As previously reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing intelligence, 3 employees of the Wuhan laboratory sought medical help at the hospital in November 2019, that is, before Beijing officially announced the outbreak and the first case of infection.

In addition, the refusal of the Chinese government to participate in the investigation of the origin of covid-19, initiated by the World Health Organization, was one of the main reasons that prompted the US President to demand verification of the version of the artificial creation of the virus. As Biden noted in a subsequent statement, there is insufficient evidence to draw a definitive conclusion whether the virus originated from human contact with an infected animal or was created in a laboratory setting.

As for Anthony Fauci, the chief epidemiologist of the United States who has become known to the world over the past year and a half, he has radically changed his mind. If at the beginning of the pandemic he adhered to the version of the natural origin of the virus, today he calls for further investigation of the reasons for its appearance.

The situation in the UK is developing in a similar way. Thus, British virologist Angus Dalglish and his Norwegian colleague Birger Sorensen said they had found evidence confirming the laboratory origin of the coronavirus. According to experts, they identified a number of characteristics in it that indicate the presence of targeted laboratory manipulations.

Why are the secret services so diligently trying to find out the truth about what happened in China?

The answer is obvious – if the world never learns the truth about the development of events at the beginning of the pandemic, when more and more data appear day after day about the likelihood of genetic manipulations with such deadly viruses, the future and security of mankind will be in jeopardy.

Scientists’ malice can turn science into a curse for the entire world and pave the way for biological warfare. For this, one laboratory or one market will be sufficient, where human contact with the virus is possible.

What will the Western intelligence services do in the face of a shortage of agents on Chinese territory?

The only solution seems to be related to the so-called “darknet”. This is the only place where a person who knows the truth about the events in China can share their information with others without fear of being discovered and arrested. Is the coronavirus heralding a new, frightening world with previously unknown threats?


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