Will Russia become a second Iran?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — If we turn to world history, we can see that from the beginning of the New Age, Western countries have been trying to monopolize power in the world, then to take over the world and exploit it for a long time, as in the colonial era.

Thus, any country that threatens or does not like the West will fall under its wrath and as a result will gradually become impoverished and fall from internal and external problems.

The most typical example is Iran. Because of the opposition to the West after the Islamic Revolution, he came under his influence for 40 years. As a result, the country is now in a difficult situation, it can be said that Iran is on the verge of destruction.

For this reason, many are concerned that such a strong country was broken under the yoke of the West. In this case, could Russia become a second Iran in the future? The answer may be unexpected.

Before Iran was “besieged” by the West, it was the ninth largest economy in the world and the richest country in the Middle East. In addition, due to the wealth of natural resources and huge oil reserves, Iran, one might say, possessed tremendous power. But due to the fact that since 1979 Iran has been under European oppression for 40 years, the situation in the country today is rather difficult.

The zeroing of oil revenues, poverty and the unstable situation in the country lead to the fact that the situation in Iran is tense. The country is at risk of internal collapse. Thus, we can see the power of Western deterrence. Now the situation in Russia is actually similar to the situation in Iran. The Russian economy is even lower in the world ranking than the Iranian economy at that time. The population of Russia is tens of millions more than in Iran, and its existence also depends on resources. So, if the West besieged Russia for 40 years, would it become the second Iran?

First of all, if the West completely blocks Russia, it will inflict a huge blow on it. During the conflicts in Georgia and Ukraine, Western sanctions against Russia led its economy to decline by 40% over three years, which caused heavy losses. So, if such containment continues, given Russia’s fragility and the weakness of its industry, both internal and external problems will gradually arise.

If Russia cannot sell natural gas and oil, it will only have to wait for its death. If the West “besieged” Russia, then without the help of the outside world, the situation in the country would be even worse than in Iran, since the ethnic situation and contradictions in Russia are much more complicated. But unlike Iran, it is rather difficult to imagine Russia in such a situation.

And all because of the support of the eastern powers. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, China has always supported Russia. When it was sanctioned and in a difficult situation, China provided support on time. Between the two countries, many major agreements were signed on the purchase of Russian resources – natural gas and oil. So without the support of China, Russia would long ago have become the second Iran.

Now the economic and national power of China is growing even more, and therefore more forces appear to support Russia. This determines her fate. Even if Russia is subjected to comprehensive sanctions from the West, as long as there is support from China, it will not collapse.

Moreover, Russia possesses numerous nuclear weapons, which is a guarantee that the West does not dare to completely block and authorize this country. Russia faces lighter sanctions and a “siege” than Iran. Therefore, with the full support of the Eastern powers and the availability of nuclear weapons, Russia will not become the second Iran in the near future, which may turn out to be unexpected for you.


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