Wikipedia accused of wasting donations on politics

Over the past two decades, Wikipedia has become one of the most visited and frequently cited websites.

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(ORDO NEWS) — Many of us are familiar with Wikipedia’s regular requests for donations that often sound urgent. However, an analysis of the company’s finances, based on publicly available sources, shows that its financial condition is far from critical.

The main financial body of Wikipedia is the Wikimedia Foundation.

According to the latest data, the Wikimedia Foundation received about $164 million in donations per year. However, Wikipedia’s server maintenance costs in 2021 were only about $2.4 million.

Wikipedia (2)

Moreover, it was revealed that a significant part of the donations intended to support the platform goes to fund political causes.

For example, the Wikimedia Foundation created a $4.5 million “Knowledge Fund” to provide grants to external organizations that promote knowledge equity.

Thus, despite requests for donations, Wikipedia is not experiencing financial difficulties. On the contrary, it actively invests in various projects, including those of a political nature.


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