Why you want to sleep in the heat the main reasons are named

(ORDO NEWS) — Physiologists have been saying for quite a long time that too high an air temperature causes people to feel more tired and therefore want to sleep very much in the heat. What actually happens to the body and why is it difficult to fight sleep?

Not enough liquid

The first reason that you want to sleep is the lack of fluid in the body. When it’s too hot outside, sweating increases. This is a completely normal manifestation of the thermoregulation mechanism.

The brain begins to fix the increase in temperature, so a more intense contraction of the ducts of the sweat glands is activated.

They begin to quickly absorb moisture from tissues located nearby and then remove it from the body. In addition, blood circulation under the skin begins to increase, blood vessels expand.

Due to this, the blood begins to cool and allows you to reduce the temperature of the whole body. All this leads to the loss of a large amount of fluid, which can provoke weakness and a feeling of fatigue, as well as severe drowsiness.

It takes a lot of energy to cool down

The sweat glands are too active, which takes a lot of energy. That is why the body begins to use its reserves of glucose. In this regard, there is much less strength, a person begins to feel tired and drowsy.

Lowering blood pressure

Heat causes blood vessels to dilate, which in turn causes blood pressure to drop. This indicates that much less blood begins to flow into the brain, so weakness appears, dizziness begins, you want to sleep.

Pulling to fall asleep out of habit

Heat in absolutely every person immediately begins to be associated with comfort and safety. When people are in a well-heated room, they begin to want to sleep on an unconscious level.

The body remembers that during sleep, the body temperature becomes lower. When a similar situation occurs, it immediately sinks into sleep.

What to do if you want to sleep in the heat

In many southern countries, such a phenomenon as a siesta is practiced – rest in the afternoon. People sleep when the temperature is at its highest outside.

Due to a short sleep, you can not only relax, but also reduce the load on the entire body, restore strength. If this is not possible, then it is best to be either in the shade or in a room with air conditioning. Also, always have a bottle of water nearby to prevent dehydration.


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