Why we can’t find aliens: NASA told the truth

(ORDO NEWS) — We’re missing out on non-carbon-based alien life like Earth‘s

Not so long ago, leading astrophysicists from NASA reported that aliens are not the fruit of science fiction. Silvano P. Colombano of the Research Center. Ames at NASA suggests that we may be missing a signal while searching for UFOs.

Why we cant find aliens 2

Extraterrestrial civilizations may be beyond our understanding or detection ability. So in a 2018 paper calling for a more aggressive search for advanced extraterrestrial life, Colombano argues that we are missing out on non-carbon-based alien life like Earth.

As Colombano points out, our life form may be just a tiny first step in an ongoing evolution that may well lead to forms of intelligence far superior to ours and not based on carbon-based mechanisms.

“After only 50 years of computer evolution, we are already talking about superintelligence and are quickly becoming symbiotes with computing power. The intelligence that we could find, and that could find us if it hadn’t already, might not have been born of carbon-based lifeforms like us at all.

While it is still reasonable and conservative to assume that life most likely originated in conditions like ours, the huge time differences in potential changes make the likelihood of technology convergence very low,” says Colombano.

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Colombano also claims that there are certain aspects of UFO sightings that cannot be explained. In his article published by SETI, he notes that we could miss some signals during the search for UFOs.

The appearance of UFOs is often considered unlikely due to the improbability of interstellar travel, but in his opinion, aliens

As Harvard scientist Avi Leba says, it’s a crime to cut aliens off the bill.

So Leba gives the example of Galileo Galilei. He claimed that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and for this he went to jail. This, of course, did not change the facts. The earth moves around the sun no matter what the church says.

So here, even if the speed of light is an insurmountable barrier, over the course of millennia, extraterrestrial civilizations would certainly have mastered interstellar travel.


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