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Why vaccinated people end up in the hospital with COVID-19

Why vaccinated people end up in the hospital with COVID 19

(ORDO NEWS) — People who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus rarely need hospitalization. If they go to the hospital, then in this case we can say that patients suffer from serious diseases that cause various complications.

Allegheny Health Network infectious disease doctors tried to establish who exactly is at risk and can be hospitalized after they have been vaccinated.

In this regard, the cases of patients with coronavirus who were hospitalized last summer were reviewed and analyzed in detail.

Eight AHN hospitals, which are located directly in Western Pennsylvania, have admitted 473 patients with coronavirus to the hospital.

128 people were fully vaccinated at the time of hospitalization. The remaining 345 patients either did not have vaccinations or did not have time to complete the full course of vaccination.

73% of vaccinated patients had all the symptoms of coronavirus. The rest were considered to be random, because they were admitted to the hospital for completely different reasons, but as a result, the PCR test showed a positive result.

The mean age of the patients was 73 years. Almost all had very serious health problems – diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney pathologies, high blood pressure, lung pathologies.

Almost half of the people were overweight, and about a quarter of the patients had a very weak immune system. Such people were previously treated for oncology, underwent organ or stem cell transplantation, the treatment involved the use of drugs that suppressed the immune system.

Of the 93 people who were fully vaccinated, 14 required mechanical ventilation, and 19 died from the coronavirus right in the hospital.

As a result, experts concluded that the vaccine really protects against hospitalization and death, but some people are still at risk due to the presence of serious health problems.


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