Why US is creating a group to study UFOs

(ORDO NEWS) — The US Department of Defense is forming a working group to study unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Its tasks will include the detection, analysis and compilation of catalogs of UFOs that may pose a threat to the country’s security. Why do Americans need such a group, “Evening Moscow” was told by the deputy coordinator of the “Kosmopoisk” society, ufologist Alexander Petukhov.

– The word “UFO” itself stands for “unidentified flying object” – recalled the interlocutor. – That is, what the observer cannot identify and explain. International statistics show that approximately 10 percent of objects can be identified as vehicles of unearthly origin. As we understand it, this is a small, tiny part. Thus, the task of the new US department can also be the study of terrestrial objects that can carry a potential threat.

Working groups for the study of extraterrestrial objects have been created for a long time, Petukhov noted. Back in the middle of the last century, the “Blue Book” project was being implemented in the United States at the expense of the government. After the public learned about it, it was renamed dozens of times, but it has always existed. Moreover, according to Petukhov, there are similar groups in every country, just their work is not made public. In the 1980s, for example, the tiny country of Grenada applied to the UN to create an international committee for UFO research, but never received a response.

– Of course, the USSR also worked on the study of UFOs, – said the expert. – In addition to the group created by the government, there was also a public commission, which I was part of. We collected information, thousands of letters from eyewitnesses.

For a hundred messages received by Petukhov, on average, there was only one with which it was possible to work. The expert notes that in most cases, eyewitnesses observed the launch of spaceships, technical experiments in the atmosphere, or some rare natural phenomenon.

– Back in the 60s and 70s, the Americans came up with a classification of objects: a, b, c, d. A is a 100% terrestrial object. B is terrestrial, but lacks details in its description. C – no details. D – all possible information has been collected on the object, but we cannot explain its origin. The last category is of particular interest, but it is extremely rare, – the ufologist notes.

Petukhov concluded that the search for UFOs is an ongoing process in all countries. Therefore, the creation of the next working group in the United States does not surprise the specialist.

Recall that in the spring, the US Department of Defense released a video recording of “unidentified phenomena.” According to the Pentagon, one of the three unclassified videos of the US Navy was filmed in November 2004, the other two in January 2015. In 2007 and 2017, all of them got on the Internet without the authorization of the department, their authenticity was recognized by the Navy. The military later submitted several reports. In them, the pilots talk about the UFO encounters from June 27, 2013 to February 13, 2019.

In June, US President Donald Trump said he knew a lot about the alleged UFO crash in New Mexico in 1947. The head of state did not rule out that information about this incident could be declassified.


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