Why people usually breathe only one nostril

(ORDO NEWS) — All people on the planet have a passive and active nostril. Active can breathe by about 75%, and passive, in turn, only 25%. It is very easy to check this. It is enough to go to the mirror and exhale into it. After that, two tracks will remain, one of which will be slightly larger.

It is reported by Live Science.

Why do people breathe mainly with only one nostril? Dr. Michael Benninger from the Cleveland Clinic said that this pattern has always been present. The reason is considered to be such a phenomenon as the nasal cycle. People, as a rule, do not notice anything like this. In turn, a strong air flow forms in one nostril, which makes it difficult to breathe fully. At this time, the other, dominant nostril works. After 2-3 hours, the nostrils change functions and the one that was passive becomes active.

Scientists note that no one can explain the causes of the nasal cycle. The main theory is that there is a sufficient accumulation of moisture in one half. After the change of roles, accumulation begins to occur in the second half, which protects the nose from drying out.

Very often, this cycle becomes noticeable precisely in a dream. If a person sleeps on the right side, then the lower nostril located on the right side will become a little blocked. This can also occur if there is a deviated nasal septum or if soft growths, called polyps, form inside the nose.


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