Why people see colors differently: three reasons

(ORDO NEWS) — It happens that to some people the colors of the object seem dull, and to others – saturated or neutral. Why is this happening? This question was answered by one of the users of the portal vc.ru.

Much depends on the characteristics of human perception of colors. Even if you take a site, then thanks to the combination of colors and shades, it will seem “comfortable” to some people, while to others it will be quite the opposite.

Sometimes it happens that two people will perceive the same combination of colors differently.

At the same time, one must understand that the color of an object depends on the characteristics of its perception by a particular person.

During the day, everything will seem brighter and richer than, for example, at night. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the peculiarities of the human eye. Therefore, the difference in terms of people’s perception of color is explained by three factors:

1- Different number of cones in the retina. The greater the number of cones, the more shades a person can distinguish. There are also various disorders associated with the work of cones.

2- Various levels of lighting. If you change the intensity of colors, then their perception by a person will also change. Shades can look the same for everyone only in identical conditions: for example, in the absence of any light source.

3- Psychological characteristics of a particular person. The brain and its perception of objects in certain situations play an important role. For example, if a person sees a lemon at night, then most likely the fruit will be yellow for him, although in fact it will be gray due to lighting.

There are also color vision disorders. These are protanopia (a person is not able to perceive red), deuteranopia (lack of perception of green), tritanopia (inability to perceive blue), monochromasia (perception of only white and black).


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