Why Lake Verkhnie “does not give” its victims

(ORDO NEWS) — Many places on our planet are doing strange things. There is the Bermuda Triangle, there is the Sea of ​​the Devil and other places where things happen that people cannot explain. However, much more often they simply do not want to explain it. Even if they are told why this is happening, they still do not listen and continue to bend their line. Today I will tell you about one of these places.

There, in a strange way, ships disappear, but the waters of this place never return the bodies of victims. Believe in history or seek a mystical explanation – it’s up to you. I’ll just tell you about this interesting place.

This picturesque lake also keeps its secrets.

Where is Lake Superior

Today I will talk about the lake, which has received the uncomplicated name of the Upper. This lake is located in North America on the border of Canada and the United States. It is part of the Great Lakes and is glacial. The area of ​​the lake is 128,000 square kilometers, and its dimensions are 560 kilometers by 260 kilometers.

Interestingly, the lake got its name twice at once. Although, perhaps, just the second time it was too lazy to change something and the new name was adjusted to the old one. As a result, back in the 17th century, the French called it Upper because it is located “above” Lake Huron. When the territory passed to the British, they also called it Upper, but argued for its size.

The Mystery of Lake Superior

Many believe that the real secret of Lake Superior is its shipwreck. It is in this lake that the so-called “Great Lakes Cemetery” is located. Most of the shipwrecks are associated with this place, some of which are still mysterious.

Scientists argue that the reason for the wreck of at least most of the ships was the excessive arrogance of the captains, who thought they could easily pass local storms. At first glance, they do seem to be relatively fearless, but due to the geographical and geological features, this impression is deceiving.

There are even military ships among the ships sunk in this place. In 1918 they became the French “Inkerman” and “Cerisoles”. The latter claimed the most lives in a single disaster on this lake. A total of 78 crew members were killed.

The last wreck to date was the crash of the ship “Edmund Fitzgerald” in 1975. On board there were 29 crew members, all of whom were killed.

Almost all ships were wrecked under unexplained circumstances. It is also worth noting that not a single dead crew member was found. Of course, this became the reason for mass rumors that some strange creature was attacking the ships. Like, it sinks ships and devours all people on board. Something like the Loch Ness monster, but much more aggressive and large.

Not many people believed in this version, but they were still enough. There were also those who said that the reason was the old Indian prophecies that the local tribes left behind. However, this is also another explanation.

Much more logical is the story that these places have an unpredictable climate. It is he who leads to the crashes, and the local water is responsible for the fact that the bodies of the dead are not found.

The fact is that the water temperature in Lake Superior is around two degrees Celsius almost all year round. It is quite difficult to survive at this temperature for any length of time. Moreover, a hundred years ago, when there was no talk of wetsuits. Although, if during a storm you fell overboard, you still won’t have time to put on a wetsuit.

This water temperature can explain not only the fact that it was difficult to escape, but also the fact that the lake did not return the dead. Everything is simple and this is elementary biology in half with physics.

The fact is that after the death of a person, immune processes stop and microorganisms begin to multiply actively. As a result of their vital activity, gas is produced, which causes the body to swell. Examples of this can often be seen on beaches, where dead whales literally explode when they lie in the sun for several days.

Temperature regulates this process very well and when it rises (up to reasonable limits), the rate of bacterial division increases, and when it decreases, it decreases. As a result, in the bodies of dead people who find themselves in such water, there is almost no process of vital activity of bacteria. The body is as if in a refrigerator. As a result, it falls to the bottom and does not have time to emerge. It sounds a little gloomy, but definitely not more gloomy than a huge lake monster that breaks ships and devours the crew.

So you can debunk another myth that develops in the minds of people who love all mysticism. This is really interesting, but almost always there is a completely logical explanation for any mystical occurrence from a scientific point of view. And sometimes it even says that everything said is pure fiction.


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