Why is UFO a taboo subject?

(ORDO NEWS) — If you have ever talked to people about the UFO phenomenon, you probably noticed how some people can become restless. They may even consider you not normal. Why when it comes to UFOs it turns out to be Taboo? I find this question very interesting, let’s look at five possible explanations.

Most people think that UFOs are aliens. I am not saying that UFOs are aliens, but I believe that this assumption is at the heart of the taboo problem. Almost all of the reasons why this topic is taboo seems to be related to this assumption.

Before we get started, let’s look at the definition of the word taboo according to Wikipedia:

Taboo is an implicit ban on something (usually speaking or speaking) based on a cultural feeling that is too disgusting or perhaps too sacred for ordinary people.”

I think it is safe to assume that taboos can also include beliefs and opinions – which applies to the subject of UFOs.

Reason No. 1 – Government and State

The cornerstone of political governance is the idea of ​​the sovereignty of a nation. A nation or state promises all citizens a set of rules that are very important for our daily lives.

We pay our taxes and are called to be good citizens, and in return we get security, basic health care, the rule of law … a working modern society.

In this relationship between citizens and the state, it is crucial that we can trust the state in protecting the sovereignty of the nation.

Why, then, is UFO a taboo?

If UFOs can invade any airspace and have full control over this airspace, this raises questions about the ability of the state to control its own territory.

It is easy to understand why a topic that so clearly calls into question the dominance of a modern state would be suppressed by those in power. These phenomena undermine the power of the state.

Reason No. 2 – Science

Our modern society is highly dependent on science. We must thank science for improvements in many areas, and when deciding on an important issue, we prefer to rely on scientific facts.

Many people rely on the “scientific method” and this method sets strict rules. Theories must be supported by repeated observations and experiments. There is evidence, say ufologists, but scientists answer – there is no evidence and in this case, scientists believe.

Our societies today have brought up many generations to have a strong faith in the scientific method. Most of us want to see evidence, and if there is not enough evidence, then the subject is called into question and not taken seriously.

Over the past 70 years, any scientist who has shown public interest in the subject of UFOs has risked being expelled from the scientific community.

Reason # 3 – “The raving UFO sleepwalker”

The UFO phenomenon covers everything from individual UFO sightings to full-fledged scenarios of multiple abductions or telepathic contacts with aliens. The range of different views and beliefs within the ufological community is wide.

This is just an assumption, but that is what we are doing here. I believe that when people talk about UFOs, they are afraid to be perceived as a UFO maniac – the person who most needs professional psychological help.

We are afraid of being ridiculed and openly talking about UFOs to friends, colleagues or acquaintances, as this simply makes us an easy target for ridicule.

Some people may view the observations of military pilots and radar operators as trustworthy, they may even believe in the veracity of these stories. But they will not come out and say this because of the taboo.

They feel that they risk joining together with every “ufologist” and become an object of ridicule.

I want to end this paragraph by saying that we all have the right to our own beliefs, this is important. But in reality, only a few are capable of upholding them, no matter what.

The fear of being ridiculed and perceived as a “raving ufological sleepwalker” sums up the reason for the 3 taboos on UFOs.

Reason No. 4 – Fear for security is a taboo?

Fearing and admitting fear can be difficult, especially for adults. Most of us want to be perceived as competent and self-confident.

What is the connection here, why is UFO a taboo? If aliens visit the Earth, they are much more developed than us, their technology is at a level indistinguishable to us from magic. The combined military force of the Earth has no chance to protect us if the aliens are hostile.

Again, the assumption that UFOs = aliens is at the center of this reasoning. Some people put a taboo in their mind when it comes to UFOs = aliens because they are afraid. They fear for their own safety and for the safety of their loved ones.

The need for physical security is the first human need for compliance. This might explain the taboo of fear around UFOs.

Reason # 5 – Taboo as a Strategy

Let’s think again that if the government and the military know more about the UFO phenomenon, it is possible that UFOs are aliens than they say.

If they have long known that UFOs are not American, Russian or Chinese devices, but they exist and they have air superiority, then it seems very likely that:

They would like to hide this fact from the public, so as not to cause unrest or even panic.

If they cannot make UFOs just not appear on Earth, why not create a strong taboo around this topic in human society?

When it comes to most of the mysteries that people want to understand and expand our knowledge, especially if the secret is related to national security or deep, fundamental questions concerning the whole of humanity – then the whole world will probably come together to solve this mystery, right?

But not in the case of UFOs. Instead, a taboo was created around this by ridicule and ostracism.

For many years, authoritative institutions, whether NASA, the US Air Force or the Russian Space Agency and the Russian Air Force, they have been doing the same thing:

– depict ufology as pseudoscience.
– they say that UFOs “are not a threat to national security,” implying that we do not need to look for answers.
– Very often, especially stubborn people trying to take the topic of UFOs beyond the taboo to the masses are threatened and warned that they shut up.
– ridiculed credible eyewitnesses
– investigations were organized with predetermined conclusions, where the result is known.

Why is a UFO taboo?

All these actions create a taboo, and this was probably the intention – a taboo as a strategy used by the Armed Forces and the government.

Why is UFO taboo? – Conclusion

There are many reasons, from government and science to fear and military strategy.

In the future, perhaps we will see changes in this taboo. We already see some reports on the subject of UFOs, for example, the recent Pentagon confirmation of the reality of the UFO incident and the publication of three videos with these UFOs and the military department did this without becoming a subject of ridicule.

Another change that you can catch is how the US military and US Department of Defense changed their tone when they talked about UFO phenomena.

In addition, policy changes have recently been made regarding how pilots report UFO sightings. This was done in Western countries, and perhaps someday it will be done in Russia.

Perhaps even scientists will “come to their senses” and study reliable inexplicable observations in the future … one can only hope that this future will not turn out to be very distant and maybe we will see a change soon?

Global changes, the change of the whole world, science, states, military and most importantly society to the topic of UFOs. After all, it is public opinion that can give an impetus to these changes. If we want to know the truth about UFOs, then we need to start with ourselves.

If human society itself destroys the created Taboo, then everyone else, including authorities, scientists and the military, will eventually be forced to lift this ban on the UFO theme.


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