Why is the hunt for alien life under the surface of the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Does extraterrestrial life exist ? Maybe. At least I would like to believe it. Unfortunately, today humanity has no evidence of the existence of life outside of our Home, our Earth.

When it comes to the search for extraterrestrial life, and even more intelligent, a picture immediately emerges in the subconscious of people depicting astronomers who, using giant telescopes, scan the sky, trying to catch at least some signal.

This is generally true

Trying to find “brothers in mind”, scientists peer and “listen” into the depths of outer space, studying planetary systems that are trillions and millions of trillions of kilometers away from the Earth.

So far, to no avail, but technology is rapidly improving, and the chances of finding something intelligent (or at least alive) in the universe are increasing.

However, not all scientists believe that extraterrestrial life should be looked for so far, because we can find it on… Earth. This is quite possible, but on the condition that life is an ordinary “property” of the Universe.

If life is widespread in the Universe, and no unique, rare conditions are required for its origin and maintenance, then it is possible that in parallel with our life – the one that we know on Earth, including us – another could develop, oh which we know nothing.

This assumption is based on the startling discovery

In 2017, while studying samples of ancient rocks of aragonite (a naturally occurring polymorph of calcium carbonate) recovered from various parts of coastal regions across the United States, researchers detected the presence of anomalous carbon isotopes.

These compounds are of natural origin, subject to a number of conditions:

  • Heat
  • High pressure
  • Water
  • Organic methane

Where on Earth are such conditions observed? That’s right, very deep below the surface. Wait, but where does organic methane come from?

Here it is! Probably, in the bowels of our planet live the real “aliens“, which are not taken into account in the terrestrial flora and fauna.

Why is the hunt for alien life under the surface of the Earth 2

Deep below the surface, probably at a depth of several kilometers, another life could develop in parallel with ours, which not only adapted to the most difficult conditions, but also evolved.

Of course, it is unlikely that if we find life there, it will be intelligent, but the very fact of finding another branch of life will revolutionize science.

If we find evidence of the second genesis here on Earth, then it will be possible to confidently state that life is a permanent property of the Universe, and there is no doubt that in our Galaxy and in billions of others there are those very “brothers in mind”.


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