Why is sleep deficiency so dangerous?

(ORDO NEWS) — How many people suffer from sleep deprivation. The modern rhythm of life, work 24/7 – all this is so exhausting. To do everything in the world, people most often sacrifice sleep, as many sleep stats show. And in vain, scientists from the University of New South Wales insist.

As it turns out, lack of sleep can be equated with abstention syndrome or a severe hangover. As a result, a person is poorly oriented in space as well as irritable. Doctors insist that a night of healthy sleep is a vital necessity to be able to function, which is why it is important that you’re doing all you can to achieve that. Many specialists like Gwinnett Sleep focus on providing tailored treatment solutions for ones suffering from sleep deprivation. In addition to affecting your day-to-day activities, lack of sleep can also affect your body parts. However, many people are turning to herbal remedies, such as CBD, to help them achieve this, since it is well known to reduce stress levels and promote sleep. You can check the legal status of CBD in your area at https://royalcbd.com/cbd-legal-status/, if this is something you think you could benefit from.

Study author Anne Williamson has conducted hundreds of surveys and experiments. The focus group was attended by large businessmen. Successful people of this world claim that they sleep at least 7-8 hours daily. Perhaps, if you are not a millionaire, you simply do not sleep much!

This mode helps you to feel clear of mind and resist stressful situations. Dr. Ann has come to the conclusion that no matter what activity you do: sports, art, science, the main thing is to get enough sleep!

If you continue to plan on sleeping a couple of hours a night, scientists have cited terrible facts about sleep deprivation:

  • lack of sleep contributes to weight gain;
  • premature aging;
  • life expectancy is reduced by an average of 10 years;
  • the risk of cardiovascular disease increases;
  • decreased libido in men and women.

Therefore, we take note of the research results and no longer sacrifice our sleep for the sake of work. Shape your schedule, turn off your phone, and fight anxiety, advise sleep experts.


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