Why is our planet called Earth

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(ORDO NEWS) — In most languages ​​of the world, our planet is called the same as the soil under our feet. Why is it so?

It may seem strange why all the planets of the solar system bear the names of gods, and the Earth remains aside. However, this is all for nothing.

Ancient people did not initially know that they live on a planet that revolves around a star. Over time, they began to build their models to describe the change of day and night, as well as the seasons.

As a result, they came to the conclusion that our planet, the Sun and the Moon are separate celestial bodies that exist in space.

However, despite this realization, no separate name was invented for the planet on which we live – it began to be called the same as the soil that we plow and plant plants. Just capitalized.

Why is the Earth called Earth?

Our planet is called differently in the languages ​​of various peoples of the world, but in most of them its name is consonant with the name of the soil.

The English name Earth is supposed to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon name for the soil we walk on, Erta. Erta means the land on which you walk, the land where you sow your crops, but in addition, this name is also associated with the place where life appears, and perhaps even with the ancestors that are buried in the ground.

Other modern popular names for the Earth are derived from Latin. Terra means land – again, the land you stand on, farm or otherwise interact with.

The name orbis was used when the authors wanted to talk about the Earth as a sphere. From this name, the “orbit” went. There was another term, mundus, which described the entire universe.

In any case, since ancient times, we have identified our planet with the soil under our feet, because it is on it that we walk and most often interact.

In ancient times, people did not understand that most of the surface of the planet is covered by oceans – then it did not seem logical to them to call the planet “Water”, although this would be more fair.


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