Why incognito mode doesn’t really protect against hackers and surveillance

(ORDO NEWS) — When visiting various sites, users often turn on the “incognito” mode in the browser, hoping that in this way their data will be protected and no one will be able to track information about their activity on the Internet.

But, according to Dmitry Galov, an information security expert at Kaspersky Lab, the incognito mode does not really save you from hackers and scammers. It is needed only to hide information about the resources you have visited from curious colleagues.

As Galov noted, in this mode, the browser just does not save information about visited sites, cookies, download history and authorization data. For some, this is enough, but if we talk about full-fledged protection, then “incognito” cannot provide it.

In addition, if a hacker attack has been carried out on a computer, then the incognito mode is useless. “This technology will not protect against malware, including keyloggers that can intercept keystrokes on the keyboard, or advanced spyware, as well as stalker programs,” the expert said.

Galov also advised to always check when leaving the browser in incognito mode, whether the user’s data was really not saved on the device.


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