Why doesn’t they shock the birds on the wires?

(ORDO NEWS) — Each of us from early childhood knows that electric wires that run through cities are dangerous. By themselves, they are not dangerous, but it is worth touching them and…

But why don’t birds sitting on power lines receive electric shocks?

The thing is that it is not the voltage itself that kills, but the voltage difference necessary for the flow of electricity along the power lines (along the wires).

If the bird lands on one power line, say, 35,000 volts, then the absence of any voltage difference will keep the winged creature safe. However, if the bird is large enough and suddenly spreads its wings, accidentally touching another power line with a different voltage, it will be electrocuted. Because her body is a mediator between the voltage difference.

Utilities, by pulling wires above the ground, leave sufficient space between the cables for at least three reasons. First, it saves the birds’ lives. Secondly, it allows craftsmen to work freely and safely.

Thirdly, during strong gusts of wind, power lines do not collide, which allows maintaining (but not always) the operability of the network.


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