Why does water seem solid when you jump into it

(ORDO NEWS) — Have you ever tried belly-flopping in a pool? If yes, then you know that it can be quite painful at times.

Water can feel very hard if you fall horizontally into it with your arms and legs outstretched. Almost as hard as concrete. Why is this happening?

Dangerous diving

Falling into water isn’t as harmless as it might seem, whether it’s jumping into a public pool, professional diving, or falling from an airplane. Professional divers have been reported to suffer injuries from hitting the water.

Darren Taylor, also known as “Professor Splash” or “Professor Splash”, is a professional show diver who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. For the reality show Go Big, he belly-dipped over eight meters into the water into a 25-centimeter-deep children’s pool.

Even with greater depth of water, a blow to the stomach at such a height would be very dangerous for an amateur. Even Professor Splash has reportedly suffered concussions and injuries during his tumultuous career.

There are many factors that can affect whether or not you get injured when you fall into the water. Height is the key one.

Why does my stomach hurt?

When you enter the pool, the water seems pleasant. When you fall into the pool, the water seems to be more solid.

When you fall on solid ground, you feel an opposing force. She can break your bones. But water is more plastic. She makes way for you as you dive into her.

When you enter the water, a resistance force acts on your body. This force depends on the speed and area of ​​contact. When you enter the water, the speed is small and the water resistance is also small.

When you jump into the water, the speed is greater, the higher the jump is made. And depending on the speed, the resistance force of water increases.

Why does water seem solid when you jump into it 2

With proper immersion, the contact area is smaller, and the speed of the body is extinguished gradually. When falling on the stomach, the contact area is larger, and the speed of the body is extinguished immediately. The force of water resistance in this case can be great.

Summing up

When falling from a great height, for example, from an airplane into water , the probability of death is very high regardless of the contact area: the speed is too high.

In order for the dive after jumping into the water to be painless, it is necessary to reduce the area of ​​​​contact with water. You need to enter the water vertically with your feet or hands forward. But not in the stomach.


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