Why does NASA colorize Martian images

(ORDO NEWS) — Why does NASA colorize images transmitted by devices that are in orbit and the surface of Mars ?

Maybe the Americans do not have any devices, and they are just throwing dust in their eyes, trying to convince the whole world of their superiority?!

Yes, NASA scientists are actually manipulating some of the Martian images, doing color correction with white balancing.

Such a correction makes the sky of Mars blue or blue, and the surrounding landscapes begin to resemble earth. That’s what it’s all about!

“Magic” white balance

White balance allows scientists to recognize rocks based on their experience of observing rocks on Earth . When red-brown photographs (original images) are at the disposal of researchers, they have difficulty in identifying rocks whose nature of origin we would easily establish if we found them on Earth.

As you know, each light source emits rays of a certain shade, which, interacting with the colors of the illuminated objects (and passing through the atmosphere), change them. The Sun is a common source of light for Earth and Mars, but:

– The red planet receives half as much sunlight as Earth

– The atmosphere of Mars is very rarefied, so blue and blue hues are practically absent (we explained why the sky is blue on Earth here ).

Why does NASA colorize Martian images 2
NASA Curiosity rover white-balance image of Mount Sharpe

By “turning up the white,” the scientists compensate for the very low level of blue light, and get images that can be confused with earthly landscapes.

This made it possible, for example, to establish that the Martian dunes consist mainly of basalt, and at the foot of Mount Sharp (picture at the beginning of the article) there are deposits of ordinary clay.


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