Why does bamboo grow so fast

(ORDO NEWS) — Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on planet Earth . In fact, the Chinese Mozo bamboo is able to grow almost a meter in just one daylight hours.

How is this possible?

As you know, bamboo grows in dense forests , where only a small amount of sunlight reaches the earth’s surface, so the evolutionary pressure just rolls over.

In other words, plants compete with each other to reach the highest height as quickly as possible and provide themselves with enough light.

Bamboo shoots are connected to their parent plant by an underground stem called a rhizome. This suggests that the shoots do not need their own leaves (their main function is photosynthesis) until a certain height is reached. Simply put, food is provided by adults.

Why does bamboo grow so fast 2

Bamboo also grows at a constant diameter, so unlike woody plants, it does not expend energy to form growth rings that gradually thicken the stem.

Bamboo is just a “stick” growing straight up that has an abundance of nutrients at its disposal permanently.


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