Why does a person fly in a dream

(ORDO NEWS) — It is not known what appeared earlier – the myth about the connection between flying in a dream and the growth of the human body, or advertising that spread this misconception throughout the post-Soviet space.

We decided to remedy this situation by approaching the issue from a scientific point of view.

So, ethologists who study the genetically determined behavior of animals, as well as the components of instinctive behavior left in humans, as a result of many years of research, have established that dreams associated with the free flight of the body are the result of the activation of a genetic program stored in human memory.

About 25 million years ago, our common ape-like ancestors with gibbons (small apes) perfectly mastered brachiation – the ability to swing on their hands and jump from branch to branch.

However, the climate of the Earth was changing rapidly, forests in Africa were becoming less and less, and the need for tree jumping simply disappeared.

The future man descended to Earth, and the migrating gibbons continued to improve in their flights and achieved incredible results: without a run, they are able to overcome 3.5 meters, and after a good swing on their hands – up to 10 meters.

Humanoid gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and, in fact, you and I have retained only the ability to climb trees, but, alas, we are not capable of multi-meter jumps.

Why does a person fly in a dream 2

Night flying is an uncontrolled activation of the genetic memory that still retains memories of what happened millions of years ago, when our future ancestors fought for survival, jumping from tree to tree to avoid collision with predators.

The clearest evidence of our connection with brachiator monkeys is our hands, which allow us to form a “hook” of bent fingers to grab onto something and hang on.

This amazing ability is available even to children and almost from the first days of life; stretch your hand to the baby and from immediately grab your fingers.

It is worth noting that children’s love for swinging on their hands and, of course, on a swing is also rooted in the distant past.

By the way, from the same place and the most common nightmare , because of which everyone shuddered – falling from a height. If for us this is just a harmless dream, then for distant ancestors it was a real horror.


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