Why do we need wisdom teeth and do we need to remove them

(ORDO NEWS) — Wisdom teeth are located at the very back of the mouth and serve as additional pairs of molars in the upper and lower jaws.

They usually grow actively when their owner is between 17 and 21 years old. That is why they are called wisdom teeth.

Is it true that all people have wisdom teeth?

Teeth begin to develop in the fetus and are already in the body when the baby is born. First, 20 milk “baby” teeth appear and fall out before 32 adult teeth grow.

The first adult teeth appear at the age of 6-7 years, the next – up to 14 years; and then wisdom teeth appear before the age of 21.

Why do we need wisdom teeth and do we need to remove them 2

Ancient people needed wisdom teeth to chew very hard food. They ate roots, leaves, meat and nuts. Today, food is cooked and then cut with cutlery.

This is why we no longer need wisdom teeth, which is why some people may not have them at all. But the genetic program still gives most people wisdom teeth. 53.9% of adults have at least 1 wisdom tooth.

Over time, our jaws have become smaller. This is due to changes in nutrition and anatomy. As a result, modern people often find themselves in a situation where they have wisdom teeth, but they do not have enough room to grow, so they remain in the gums. Such teeth lead to various problems:

  • “Extra” teeth grow at different angles in the jaw, sometimes horizontally, and put pressure on adjacent teeth.
  • They move other teeth, leading to pain and bite problems.
  • They get stuck in the jaw, which leads to infection and damage to other teeth and bone tissue.
  • They grow and invade the nasal passages, causing pain, pressure, and nasal congestion.

Why do we need wisdom teeth and do we need to remove them 3

In some cases, wisdom teeth may only partially protrude from the gums. This creates a space under the gums where bacteria can grow, leading to cavities.

This greatly complicates the process of cleaning the mouth. But before you remove the eights, be sure to consult your dentist!

How to identify problems with wisdom teeth

Visit a dentist. They will examine your mouth and take x-rays to see if you have hidden wisdom teeth or if they are pushing against other teeth.

Very often, teenagers are advised to remove wisdom teeth until the root system and bone structure are fully formed.

This helps to avoid potential problems before they occur. Also, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed before getting braces because they can grow back and mess up your bite.

Why do we need wisdom teeth and do we need to remove them 4

But most wisdom teeth problems occur between the ages of 15 and 25. Only a few people over the age of 30 have problems that require the removal of wisdom teeth.

Can wisdom teeth be removed?

Wisdom teeth do not need to be removed if they:

  • Completely healthy
  • Completely sprouted through the gums
  • Properly positioned
  • Doesn’t affect bite
  • You can get them with a toothbrush.

Why do we need wisdom teeth and do we need to remove them 5

In these cases, wisdom teeth perform normal functions and do not need to be removed.


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