Why do some seas have such strange names Red, Black, White, Yellow

(ORDO NEWS) — Most often, the name of the sea is associated with the shade of its water. But why then do the White and Yellow Seas exist? Is the water in them really of such shades?

An iXBT.com user says that the Yellow Sea is located in the eastern part of Asia. A river containing a lot of silt flows into this sea – this is the Huang He. Therefore, the water in the sea really has a yellowish tint.

The Red Sea is considered the most salty in the world, and it is located in the Indian Ocean. Experts have several assumptions about why it got such a name.

The first – perhaps this is due to the fact that Eritrean algae grow in this sea, which can color the water in a reddish hue.

Secondly, there is a possibility that the coast of this reservoir was created by mineral rocks that have a red color. The third – according to the color indicating the location: the sea is in the south, and the Arabs had it in red.

Why do some seas have such strange names: the Red, Black, White, Yellow

White Sea is located next to the Arctic Ocean. It has a lot of ice, and the white sky is reflected in the water.

Therefore, the reservoir itself appears white. Another version says that the name of the sea is a toponym, which means “clean, bright.”

The Black Sea has changed its name more than once. It is believed that it was called black for one of three reasons: the bottom is dark in color, location (some peoples associate the north with black), dark waters in a storm.


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