Why do small white spots appear on the nails?

(ORDO NEWS) — Have you noticed that strange little white spots have appeared on your nail plates? Do not panic, now we will explain what it is. Should you be worried if you find small white spots on your nails?

Many people sometimes notice small white spots on their nails that weren’t there before. Most often, you should not worry about them, but there are also cases when you should pay attention to the problem and even consult a doctor.

Small white spots on the nails are scientifically called leukonychia – this is a point discoloration of the nail plate. But why is this happening, and is it worth worrying about?

Why do white spots appear on nails?

As a rule, leukonychia manifests itself in cases where you slightly injure the nail. That is, if you pinch your finger with the door, then, unfortunately, you won’t get off with a small spot – there will be a more serious injury here.

But the habit of biting your fingers or tapping your nails on a hard surface can be accompanied by microtrauma of the nail plate, which you won’t even notice.

These small lesions form at the base of the nail and become visible as the nail grows. So you are unlikely to remember what exactly could lead to the appearance of a white spot.

Why do small white spots appear on the nails 2

But there is another reason why white spots form on the nails – this is a lack of trace elements in the body. In particular, it may be a manifestation of zinc deficiency.

Some diseases, such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, malaria, or sickle cell anemia, can also form white spots on the nail plate. However, this is certainly not the main symptom of these diseases – do not panic.

However, there are several manifestations of leukonychia that are worth paying close attention to. If you notice that most of your nails have turned white, it could be leukonychia totalis , a type of leukonychia that portends the development of more serious conditions, such as kidney failure, heart disease, or diabetes. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor.


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