Why do clothes darken when wet

(ORDO NEWS) — Considering that water in general, transparent, it seems rather strange that the fact is that clothes, when wet, become darker. In the end, when pouring water onto a table or floor, we do not observe a similar effect. Why then does it happen with clothes?

The answer was found only in the early 90s

New Zealand physicists John Leckner and Michael Dorf of Victoria University of Wellington have established that the darkening effect is the result of roughness degree of absorbency of the fabric.

When light falls on any surface, a part of it is reflected and enters our eyes, which creates a visible (optical) picture of reality.

To the fact that most of the incident light rays are deflected to different sides and do not fall into our eyes. Part of the light rays “gets stuck” in the water layer, and then scatters, “flying” through the micro-holes of the tissue.

This phenomenon, which is based on a decrease in the amount of light entering the eyes, is called the “combined light effect”. the fabric does not become darker; We are starting to see her worse.

By the way, a similar thing happens with hair, which after the soul seems much darker than usual.


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