Why do cats like boxes?

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the results of an experiment conducted by biologists from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), the “anti-stress” properties of the boxes were revealed.

For the study (2015), 19 cats were selected that had just arrived at one of the Dutch shelters. Ten of them were provided with access to the boxes, and nine more received only basic things in the shelter (toys, food, the most common bed, and so on).

The experiment lasted two weeks: by this time, all participants in the control group were able to adapt to new conditions. However, the difference between “cats with boxes” and “cats without boxes” turned out to be significant: in the first case, the animals took only three days, while in the second – from a week to fourteen full days.

Thus, the ability to hide in a box relieves stress in cats and allows you to quickly return to the normal rhythm of life. Scientists draw an analogy with children who build themselves “fortresses” from sheets and pillows, fencing themselves off from everyday worries. Boxes are an optimal shelter for cats: spacious enough to fit there, and moderately small to feel comfortable there and even spend less energy to maintain the desired body temperature.

The study was not conducted for the sake of a theoretical answer to the question of housewives. All cats placed in the shelter experience stress from the new environment. Under stress, the animal may be more aggressive; in addition, it is more at risk of getting an infection and getting sick. Such a simple way as the availability of boxes will help animals cope with unusual living conditions more easily.


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