Why do cats and dogs follow you to the toilet and bathroom

(ORDO NEWS) — You want to be alone in the toilet, but a cat or dog will definitely not let you do this – they will look at you while you relax. But why do animals do it?

What lies behind this strange and sometimes annoying habit: curiosity or affection? Or maybe both?

Not all pets do this, as it depends on the species, breed, and individual behavior of the animal, but for the most part, pets are prone to this behavior. More importantly, it’s completely normal for both dogs and cats.

Why do pets follow you to the toilet and bathroom

One of the main reasons your pet follows you to the bathroom is because of how they communicate. In the case of dogs, they are pack animals, so they are used to doing things together.

Since you provide for them, they also probably see you as the leader of the pack, which is why they like to follow you around. Your dog may also think that you are in a vulnerable position, so they want to be there to protect you.

Cats differ in that they do not have a pack mentality and are more comfortable alone. However, they are still able to coexist with humans and function in social groups. This explains why they may follow you despite not being used to being in communities.

More importantly, both cats and dogs are capable of imprinting if you lived with them when they were young.

Imprinting is a process in which a young animal will perceive you as a parent and will likely follow you wherever you go. Even if you adopted your pet when he became an adult, chances are he still developed a special bond with you after a while.

Another reason is natural curiosity. Dogs are inherently curious creatures. When we go to the bathroom, we usually close the door, which only adds to the intrigue for your dog.

Cats have a similar problem with curiosity – especially with closed doors. This curiosity increases if you are on the other side of the door. If you close the door, the cat’s urge to open it can become overwhelming.


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