Why did the ancient Greeks add water to wine?

(ORDO NEWS) — Wine was one of the key elements of the foundation of ancient Greek culture. In the Pantheon, the Temple of All Gods, a special place was given to Dionysus , the god of harvest, winemaking, orchards and fruits, vegetation, inspiration, religious ecstasy, celebration and theater.

The ancient Greeks believed that only the god Dionysus could drink a lot of wine and not get drunk, but mortals were considered unacceptable, a terrible weakness and the lot of barbarians to get drunk.

The Greeks knew that if they did not add water to the wine, then there was a danger that they would get drunk and become aggressive, cruel, or even lose their minds.

By diluting the wine with water, they could afford to drink more without getting drunk… at least that was the plan. In winter, in order to save priceless water, snow was added to the thicket to the wine.

Usually wine was diluted following a simple recipe: 50% wine and 50% water.


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