Why did so many dangerous asteroids fly near Earth this year?

(ORDO NEWS) — Probably, many have noticed that this year in the news it is often mentioned that another dangerous asteroid flew near the Earth. It should be noted that this was extremely rare before.

In 2020, asteroids fly by Earth too often, which frightens many people. In just a couple of weeks, several potentially dangerous celestial bodies can fly by. For example, an asteroid that was found only on September 18, literally in a few days will fly at a very close distance to Earth. NASA provided data that the asteroid could fly even lower than the weather satellites are located.

This celestial object will fly close to the Earth at a distance of 13 thousand miles. Its speed is approximately 17 thousand miles per hour. At the same time, there is good news – its size is so small that it poses absolutely no threat to the planet, even in the event of a collision.

But literally at the end of September, two large asteroids flew by near the Earth. They, if collided with the planet, could cause serious damage. The diameter of one of the celestial bodies is 130 meters, and the second is 200 meters. Of course, the risk for the Earth is minimal, but scientists are beginning to worry that so many cosmic bodies of different sizes have begun to fly near the planet.

Scientists have also warned that an “unknown object” will enter the gravitational field in October and turn for some time into a very real “moon” of small size. In Earth’s orbit, this object can linger until the end of spring next year. Experts are currently monitoring all space objects that are in the vicinity. But so far none of them can explain such activity.


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