Why did humans develop brains so quickly, while other animals did not

(ORDO NEWS) — There are differences between the brains of humans and monkeys. For example, in the human brain there are areas that are responsible for abstract thinking.

About whether there is something similar in primates and how these areas influenced the development of people.

A team of scientists from three countries, led by Christos Konstantinidis, professor of biomedical engineering, neurology and ophthalmology, and Clément Garin, a researcher at the Constantinidis laboratory, studied and compared the brains of humans and monkeys (macaques, marmosets, mouse lemurs). The results of the study were published in Cell Reports.

Why did humans develop brains so quickly while other animals did not 2

The human brain has a special “default mode” network. These are several areas that help to think abstractly.

The data obtained during the study showed that in all species of mammals, except for humans, this network contains two systems that are almost not connected to each other.

One of these systems (areas) is associated with the suppression of external events, the other – with the solution of cognitive tasks.

Most likely, experts believe, the connection between them was formed in humans recently, as a result of evolution.

Perhaps it was thanks to this connection that a person developed abstract thinking, due to which cognitive (thinking) skills quickly began to develop .


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