Why children should not eat sugar-rich foods until they are 2 years old

(ORDO NEWS) — A researcher from the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh spoke about the effects of poor nutrition on children’s health. He said experts advise against feeding children under two years of age with added sugar.

Yogurt, baby snacks, fruit drinks, desserts, and sugary baked goods are the most common sources of added sugars in children’s diets.

Experts say that unlike sugars, which are naturally found in fruits, dairy products, and more, such sugars should be eliminated or limited in the diets of young children. But why?

From birth to 24 months, your baby needs nutrients for proper growth and development.

Foods and drinks that are high in added sugar are high in calories but low in nutrients. In addition, children eat relatively small amounts of food.

Their food should be rich in nutrients. If young children gorge themselves on high-calorie, sugary foods or drinks, they are not getting enough nutrients.

In addition, making a baby’s diet with unsweetened foods can educate your child about healthy eating habits.


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