Why can’t people just go ahead and plant lots of trees to clean the air

(ORDO NEWS) — If humanity is to achieve the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement, then by the middle of this century, people will have to get rid of a billion tons of carbon dioxide. In the future, even more CO2 will have to be destroyed, and annually. And that’s a lot.

There are companies in the world that are struggling with excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. An example of such an organization is Carbfix. Its employees detect CO2, inject it into the ground and turn it into stone.

Companies like this exist precisely because trees don’t really help solve the carbon footprint. The fact is that in the world it will never be possible to plant so many trees to get rid of the amount of CO2 that is already in the atmosphere. This catastrophe happened due to the long-term burning of trees by people.

And even if it were possible to plant so many trees, there are other problems preventing this from being done. For example, it is deforestation. The researchers found that 15 billion trees are cut down every year, and only 5 billion are planted.

Therefore, some experts believe that in order to affect climate change, one trillion trees will have to be planted first, and then wait until they are fully grown. But even a trillion trees can “recycle” a maximum of 1,012 billion tons of carbon dioxide, and this is only a third of all emissions.

Other problems include the occurrence of droughts and the increased susceptibility of trees to death or damage. All this is caused by global warming and can prevent plants from absorbing carbon.

For example, the Frontiers in Forest and Global Change study showed that forests that have been affected by insects and diseases capture 69 and 28 percent less carbon dioxide, respectively.


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