Why black, gray and brown are not included in the

(ORDO NEWS) — The experts answered the question why the rainbow does not include black, gray and brown. It’s all about mixing colors.

We know that light travels in waves. Different colors have different wavelengths. Each of them is therefore refracted by drops of water in a slightly different way.

In a rainbow, of course, different colors mix with each other, and it’s hard to tell where one color ends and another begins.

For example, blue and green are next to each other on the color spectrum, and we can see somewhere in between turquoise.

But brown is a mixture of red and green, but these stripes in the rainbow are not adjacent to each other.

The same goes for many other colors.

There are also two colors that we will never see in the rainbow – black and white. Black is basically the absence of color, and white is the combination of all colors together.

Gray is a mixture of black and white, and since we can never see those two colors in a rainbow, we can’t see it either.


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