Why are flamingos pink?

(ORDO NEWS) — I hate to upset you, but flamingos are not pink birds. Anyway, they are not pink at birth.

Flamingos, at birth, are white or gray-white, and they acquire a pinkish tinge over time, feeding on special types of shrimp and blue-green algae – food that can probably destroy other animals.

Flamingo is a special bird

Flamingos tend to live in inhospitable, relatively remote wetlands – places with levels of alkalinity so high that human flesh can be burned to the bone. However, these places are home to a huge number of crustaceans, cyanobacteria and diatoms , which are food for flamingos.

All of these living organisms are dangerous to other animals because they contain toxic chemicals called carotenoids, but they are a favorite delicacy for flamingos.

Flamingos can feed on these dangerous “foods” due to a special metabolism, which ensures the processing of toxic substances in the liver, breaking them down into absorbable components and pigments.

Why are flamingos pink 2

It is these toxic pigments that end up dyeing the flamingo feathers that specific pink color – and that’s not all.

The skin, mucous membranes, egg yolks and even the fat of flamingos are colored pink-orange, which is due to the reasons mentioned above.

That is, flamingos become completely pink for the reason that they are exposed to constant poisoning, which does not pose a fatal danger to them.


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