Why are dogs afraid of the vacuum cleaner

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(ORDO NEWS) — At first glance, everything is obvious – the vacuum cleaner makes a loud noise, the dog gets scared. But noise is not the only reason forcing dogs to hide. We tell why dogs are afraid of a vacuum cleaner, and how to accustom pets to noisy cleaning.

Take care of your beloved dogs and try to protect them from stress

Loud noises in and of themselves can seem very scary to dogs. At the same time, it is not so important what publishes them: a vacuum cleaner, fireworks and a thunderstorm. However, unlike fireworks and bad weather, vacuum cleaners are in close proximity to the animal, and this makes it even scarier.

The sudden appearance of loud noise and strong vibration will frighten most dogs. Their instincts tell them to get away from the strange noise as soon as possible before it eats them, the veterinarians explain.

In this case, most often a terrible loud device is located next to your beloved owner, who needs to be protected at all costs. This is how dogs experience cognitive dissonance: on the one hand, it would be necessary to run, and on the other hand, to save the owner.

In addition, vacuum cleaners pick up dust from the floor, which irritates the sensitive noses of dogs. Agree, not the most pleasant situation: noisy, scary, and you also want to sneeze.

How to train a dog to use a vacuum cleaner

In words, you are unlikely to explain to your dog why she does not need to be afraid of a vacuum cleaner. Instead, try other ways:

Try to vacuum more often. If you postpone this procedure every time so as not to irritate the pet, then the dog will always be afraid of the vacuum cleaner – it simply will not have the opportunity to get used to it.

-You can also give your pet a treat while vacuuming to create a positive association.

-If these methods do not work, then you can simply take the pet to another room, close the door and turn on the fan or white noiseto drown out the sounds of the vacuum cleaner. The dog is unlikely to get used to the noise, but it will be less nervous.


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