Why Apple could pay billions to Pablo Escobar’s brother

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Roberto decided to sue the apple brand claiming that someone hacked his smartphone and found his address via FaceTime.

The case could cost Apple billions. Roberto Escobar, the brother of the famous Colombian drug baron Pablo, decided to sue the apple brand, believing that the lack of security of his phones was life threatening.

The man demands 2.6 billion dollars (about 2.4 billion euros) from the American giant, details the site TMZ . He claims that a hacker broke into his iPhone and found his address via FaceTime, after an Apple employee assured him that the iPhone X was the safest phone on the market.

According to documents consulted by the TMZ, Roberto Escobar bought his phone in April 2018 and believes that he was lied about the safety of the device. A year after buying the iPhone X , he would have received a threatening letter. An event that forced him to move and, according to him, forced him to strengthen his security, spending exorbitant sums, not to mention the stress caused by this situation.

Apple RIP

If the man admits that he was the victim of several assassination attempts before buying the iPhone, he claims to have acquired the device to protect himself from hackers.

Beyond the billions claimed by the brother of Pablo Escobar with the apple brand, Roberto has also just launched a gold-plated iPhone Pro limited edition of… 499 dollars. A way according to the Colombian to fight against the American giant by selling cheaper devices.

In a “declaration of war” to Apple , the man also launched and bought the domain name www.ripapple.com, linked to his gold-plated iPhone. He wants to provide “evidence showing how people in the world have been scammed by Apple by buying shit at crazy prices”, according to his statements.

If he wins his lawsuit, Roberto Escobar says he will share the money with people who bought iPhones. The apple brand has not, for the moment, declined to comment on this matter.


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