Why aliens abduct people

(ORDO NEWS) — For decades, the topic of alien abductions has been a source of intrigue and mystery. Some people were aware that they were taken against their will, but returned with memories of strange experiments and unusual encounters.

Allagash alien abductions

Approximately 20 years ago, four friends went camping in the Maine countryside. After two nights, they saw a very strange light that was neither bright nor dim. On the third night, as planned, they went night fishing. As it turned out, this time a bright light was noticed in the canoe. With the help of a flashlight, the man gave an SOS signal to the light.

After that, the light began to expand and enveloped all four men.

And the last memory of them is that they are no more. It happened at their camp, where they were “crazy” but couldn’t remember what happened to them or how they got out of the water. The fire they lit before leaving just a few minutes ago (to make sure it was still burning) had burned to the ground.


It was he who became the first who began to see nightmares in a dream. He had a dream in which he saw creatures with long necks and large heads. He could see the creatures examining his hand. Jim, Chuck and Charlie were sitting on a nearby bench with indecisive concerns about him.

The creature had huge metal eyes with pupils, and the hands were like insects with four fingers. Three other men had similar dreams from that night on the lake. An interested Jim Weiner attended a UFO conference organized by Raymond Fowler in 1988.

Later, Weiner met Fowler and spoke about his strange meeting. The investigation was concerned about Jim’s story, especially the fact that several witnesses were involved. A fanatic psychiatrist suggested to Jim that he and the others be subjected to regressive hypnosis. During the sessions, it was found that all four men had memories of being kidnapped and subjected to humiliating medical examinations, including skin and fluid sampling.

In the description of the aliens, all their features were listed. Four artists were able to make detailed sketches of creatures, crafts, and research tools.?-0. Legendary astronaut Chuck Ruck said the alien test site was like a vet’s office with a silver table. He also spoke about a strange fact: it was difficult for him to focus on aliens. But when he tried, he couldn’t accurately reproduce their faces. And he said it was like trying to tune into a fuzzy radio station.

According to the conclusion of the psychiatric examination, all four men were declared mentally healthy. They all passed the lie detector test.

McKay’s abduction of Gandelia

Because of three different people who were involved in this story, three different people, 22 year old Amy was kidnapped right from her living room window.

And Amy Keith hadn’t gone to bed yet, and his friend Petra was still reading in the other room. Petra was suddenly interrupted by a blinding light coming from the living room and the sound of breaking glass.

A straight line of light fell into the room, and according to Peter it was an image of the light pulling Amy out of the window, who was still asleep.

Afterwards, Kit woke up and he and Petra searched the house and surroundings for Amy. After finishing talking to the police, Keith called the police.

Eventually Amy showed up miles away with strange markings on her inner thighs and bizarrely profuse growth of body hair.

Why does an alien need this?

Even if the exact motives for these kidnappings are unknown, there are several theories as to why these events take place.

Typically, scientific experiments are used as targets for alien abductions. On Earth, it is possible to use humans as a test subject to understand the biology and behavior of humans.

Aliens have the ability to study the physical and mental characteristics of humans in order to understand their species. But, they also have the ability to change our genetic code or the technology to implant into our bodies. If so, then perhaps the aliens are using us as living probes to better understand our species.

Alien abduction may involve gathering information and data. Aliens could be learning about human history through the technology they use to gather information about our culture, technology, and lifestyle.

This can be done to understand our planet or gather information about a possible invasion or takeover. In particular, aliens have the opportunity to receive information about innovative technologies and use them for their own purposes.

  • There is a possibility that the abductions are the result of an experiment by special services.
  • The military found irrefutable evidence that aliens abducted people.

It is possible that aliens are abducting people and creating hybrid forms. In an attempt to combine human and extraterrestrial DNA, they combine them into a new kind of being. With the help of humans, one can exploit or create a species stronger and more capable than humans.

The most frightening possibility is that aliens are abducting humans to feed on them. Maybe it will be in the form of consuming human blood or drinking human blood. According to scientists, aliens collect our biological material to support us or their species.

However, these are only speculations and theories. At the very least, the motives behind the alien abductions remain a mystery. We still have a lot to learn about this strange phenomenon, and the truth may be stranger than everyone thought.


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