WHO worns Indian strain of coronavirus as international threat

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(ORDO NEWS) — Earlier, the WHO classified a new strain of coronavirus in India as a “triple mutant”, but now its status has changed to a “dangerous option” that poses a threat to the whole world. According to recent studies, the new strain spreads faster than its predecessors and is resistant to certain medications.

Reported by CNBC.

Already, the CTO for COVID-19 Response is in charge of research to gather information about the new strain. More data is needed to have a more accurate picture of the spread of the Indian coronavirus.

All identified subtypes of COVID in India, complications after them and features of the course of the disease in different categories of people are being studied. However, Maria Van Kerkhove (CTO) already warns that the new B1.617 virus is the most dangerous among other species.

Timely vaccination of the Indian population can lower the risk of an epidemic. Vaccines are effective against all strains identified today. It is also very important to inform the population, because the Indians use cow dung and other questionable methods for prevention.


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