Who will win in a fight between a giant shark and a giant crocodile

(ORDO NEWS) — Have you ever wondered who is stronger: a crocodile or a shark? And which of them will win if suddenly one attacks the other?

Who is really stronger: the world’s largest shark or a giant crocodile? The first is megalodon . This is the largest shark that has ever existed.

True, now such sharks have already become extinct. Scientists believe that its length could reach 18 meters. He had 276 teeth, each 18 cm long.

The bite force of this shark had a value that is somewhere between 108,514 and 182,201 Newtons. Most likely, this is the largest bite force in history. Also, the megalodon had very strong scales, resembling chain mail, and the weight was 59.4 tons.

Who will win in a fight between a giant shark and a giant crocodile 2

Another dangerous predator is Deinosuchus . This is the largest crocodile ever. In fact, he is already dead. Its length was more than 10.6 meters. He moved on four legs.

This crocodile had over 80 teeth in its mouth. With the help of them, the animal could capture food, as well as crush the bones and limbs of the victims. Its bite force ranged from 18,000 to 102,803 Newtons, and its weight was 5 tons.

The host also noted that these two predators, most likely, would never have met in real life. The thing is that they are separated by tens of millions of years and lived in different natural environments.

Deinosuchus hunted in swamps and rivers, while Megalodon hunted in deeper waters. In addition, the shark was waiting for the victim in an ambush at depth, and the crocodile – in shallow water. It turns out that it would be unprofitable for Deinosuchus to fight in any reservoir.

In a fight in general , the shark would have a significant size advantage, and this would be a major advantage , as the crocodile’s mass makes it unlikely that it could cause serious injury to the megalodon. Therefore, the winner would be megalodon i.e. shark .


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